A full-spectrum CBD dog supplement

Green Gruff Veterinary chews promote mobility and joint health in dogs of all ages

80% of dogs will show signs of arthritis by age 8. Recommending Green Gruff Veterinary EASE Joint & Hip can assist with keeping joints healthy, while they’re young and as they age.

Green Gruff Veterinary

Green Gruff Veterinary uses a science-backed formulation paired with Full-Spectrum CBD to improve glucosamine absorption which helps with mobility and joint health

Based on years of research and help from an industry-leading veterinarian, the efficacy and safety of Green Gruff Veterinary are supported by rigorous science.

Green Gruff Veterinary was created with the help of Jeffrey Powers, DVM. Dr. Powers is an industry leader in cannabis and veterinary science and has dedicated his 40-year career to expanding information about cannabis and veterinary medicine.

Learn the scientific research used to formulate and bring EASE Joint & Hip to the professional veterinary market

Green Gruff EASE Joint & Hip supplements with a full 5mg of broad-spectrum CBD included in each chew

If you're interested in offering Green Gruff EASE Joint & Hip supplements at your practice this is the place to start.