Green Gruff Veterinary Manufacturing Excellence

Not all pet supplements are formulated or manufactured equally. Green Gruff Veterinary is a premium quality CBD supplement that's been formulated, tested, and proven to increase the delivery of its active ingredients in dogs. It's exclusively reserved for distribution to dog owners by veterinarians and clinicians. The manufacturing process is specialized for Green Gruff soft chews and helps ensure the consistency and efficacy of our CBD supplements.

High Quality CBD

The CBD used in Green Gruff products comes from KND Labs in Denver, Colorado. They have USDA Organic Certification (1) and consistently exceed quality expectations. Their extraction process starts by using denatured ethyl alcohol, which is then further refined through KND’s chromatography and distillation method (2).

Manufactured with Excellence

Our ingredients use an oil-based binding agent which is added to the blend. The mixture is compressed with a cold extrusion process that doesn't use heat, water, or gumming agents to preserve the structure, taste, and nutrients of all the ingredients. The resulting product is quality-controlled, tested, and divided into soft chews for dogs with 2.5mg of full-spectrum CBD per serving. References
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