Updated Guidelines for CBD Use on Companion Animals

Summary: The AAVSB clarified guidance for veterinarians about recommending CBD products for companion animals. The following American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB) Guidelines are not legally binding. Licensees must adhere to standards of practice in their Jurisdiction.
    • Veterinarians that issue a non-FDA approved CBD product must inform their client and note it on their record.
    • All options must be discussed when considering CBD and any treatment plans need to be documented.
    • Veterinarians should explain possible adverse effects and symptoms of toxicity/overdose.
    • When recommending a specific CBD product, veterinarians are responsible for verifying third-party lab tests for quality, label accuracy, and safety. If the veterinarian is not recommending a specific product they should urge their client to verify on their own.
Source: https://www.aavsb.org/news/article/129
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