Research Based On The Advanced Absorption Of Nutrients

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Research Findings:

Green Gruff Veterinary can assist with nutrient supplies for a healthy body.

Green Gruff Veterinary was tested in a clinical trial to see how it increased glucosamine absorption in the plasma and synovial fluid. After 8 hours, the experimental group's glucosamine concentration in blood plasma was 207% higher than the control group's. The experimental group also had a higher concentration of glucosamine in their synovial fluid than the control group. View the research here.

Methodology & Timeline

We partnered with Companion Sciences to conduct a series of scientific studies to understand how CBD may affect glucosamine absorption, to determine how Green Gruff Veterinary may increase glucosamine absorption compared to glucosamine alone, and to assess the safety and tolerability of the Green Gruff Veterinary formulation.

Phase I

  • Objective: Show that CBD may increase glucosamine absorption into the synovial fluid (rats).
  • Status: Completed.
  • Outcome: CBD increased glucosamine penetration from the plasma to the synovial fluid.

Phase II

  • Objective: Show that the Green Gruff Veterinary formulation may improve the absorption of glucosamine into the synovial fluid more effectively than glucosamine alone (rats).
  • Status: Completed.
  • Outcome: A higher glucosamine concentration in the synovial fluid was observed in rats administered Green Gruff Veterinary compared to those administered glucosamine alone. View Phase II research here.

Phase III

  • Objective: Conduct a clinical trial to prove the safety and efficacy of Green Gruff Veterinary in dogs and show that it can improve signs of OA relative to glucosamine alone.
  • Status: Scheduled Q1 2023.
  • Outcome: Expected Q3 2023.

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